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Resolver I
Resolver I

Rank top X customer (by amount) pr store - and then show top 10 items for each customer pr store

I have

6000 customers

1000 items

20 stores (sites)

2 million sales lines.


I already made a ranking of my customers prs site (but i suspect I will have to do something different) :



' Customer top X = 
IF (
    RANKX (
            VALUES ('Customer'[C_No+Name]),
            ALLSELECTED ( 'Customer'[C_No+Name])




If i make a matrix and have store name as top row and C_No+Name] as 2. row  and add the " ' Customer top X" as value i get a nice show of all stores, and all customers ranked based on Amount - Now i add a filter and show only " ' Customer top X"<11 and i have a top 10 pr store.


Now i however wanted a top 10 items pr customer pr. site - and no matter how i twist and turn it...  (besides getting it to be really slow)  I cant make this happen.


im thinking something like:

StoreCust rankcust.


amountDB%Item Rank
1 of 101Customer YYItem 1100241
   Item 28952
   Item 346553
 ..... Item 1012



 10Customer AA

item 1





item 10




2 of 101Customer AAItem 1   
   Item 2   
   Item 3   
   Item 4   



Rank pr store Item 1item 2item 3Item 4Item 5Item 6Item 7Item 30
Store A         

Customer AA

10000200 5000200 155152
2Customer DD5000  2500321125215128
3Customer FF4500  2000215125100022
10Customer QQ500101010   25
Store B         
1Customer AA5000500 250    
2Customer QQQ 5001000   15415

@amitchandak  - did you read what I wrote or did yo just spam external sites with becaseu you have a bot that searches for keywords?


you are linking to the excat solotion i have already done my self, its the next part of the problem i want help to do.

@Rygaard , My understanding was you need the top 10 items per customer. That is what I shared the links. Can you share raw data and final output in a table format and crisp problem description? One can get lost in a big description.


Performace has two aspects when data is big, If you create a column it will increase load time, If you create it as a measure it may increase visual display time. Depend on power BI desktop/service hardware, performance may vary

@amitchandak  - yes sorry but it seems alot will post links to what I have already acomplished not only here but in general, perhaps i Need to work on my writing skills.


I have a customer top 10 pr. site.


now i would like a item top 10 for each of thouse top 10 customers, for each site.


so it is a top 10 items pr customer (that is in the former top 10). for each site.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Rygaard ,



See if this article helps you.




Harsh Nathani

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you are linking to the only part I have already done -  I got that part done.


its the next part that is hard


I have a top X   (rankX)  of the customers pr store.


Now i need a top 10 items for thouse top 10 customers, pr top 10 stores

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