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RLS with admin access

Hi Team,

need help in understanding how the RLS works with the Admin role.


I have 2 reports:

1.  Admin report

2.  Employee Detail report


In Admin report,  I have a table visual in which employees are listed.  I have enabled "Conditional formatting" to the empID with an weblink to the 2nd Report (Employee Detail Report).


In Employee Detail Report, I have added a RLS "table1[empid] = username()"


For a normal user, I give them the link of "Employee Detial Report"

For an admin, I give the link of "Admin Report" from there an admin can search for an empID and go the "Detail Report".


So the question is, 

when an user comes from the "Admin Report" to "Detail Report" with search on EmpID(for some other employee), will he be able to view that particular employee    or    Detail report would give him only his information based on the RLS condition? 


Note : that this user who comes from "Admin Report" is not given any special permission(contributor etc..) in the "Detail Report".



Community Champion
Community Champion

@Anonymous if you are contributor or has admin access to the worksapce where you have published your dashboard, you will be able to view the entire data irespective of RLS restrictions. However, if you want to test what a particular user can view, you can always test it in the powerbi services like below. You will get this option in powerbi services->dataset->security tab




Please note that the above settings will work once you have implemented RLS in your dataset and has published it to powerbi services.

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@negi007  Thanks for the response.  


Think that the user who comes from the Admin Report to Detail Report has not given "Contributor" or "Owner" or "Admin" access to the workspace or report.


In this case, if I change the RLS condition to below, will the user who has [Admin] value as 1 will be able to view on behalf of a particular employee? 


[Empid] = username() || [Admin] = 1 

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