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Helper III
Helper III

RLS with Blanks

Hi experts,

I have a report that uses the RLS feature.

I established an external Excel sheet that lists all users names, emails, departments & Projects and linked to my code in RLS:

2022-11-12 01_44_49-Financial Report V1.5 - Power BI Desktop.png

In the current finance system "Data Source" we use dimenisons with our transactions, some transactions are tagged with Dept. or Project dimension values and some are not "no dimensions = Blank".

The problem I am facing when using the setup mentioned above is that all users are only able to see entries related to their permission within the excel sheet "Sample below" any none dimension related entries are not showing to them. As you can see below, each user do have a "Blank" cell in both Dept. and Project column but for some reason the dax code is ignoring all blanks.


Example of the pemrission matrix:

BobBob@H.comB K
DanDan@H.comH C


Is there a way for me to allow all users to see data based on their RLS setup and all Blanks "meaning entries with no dimensions?




Super User
Super User

@Calvin69 , Try like

[email] = userprincipalname() || isblank(Table[department Project])

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Frequent Visitor


I have a problem with RLS in combination with blank cells. Hopefully you can help me. I have a RLS table and a services table. In the services table are some blanks. But this is information that also is important. I tried this: [E-mailadres] = USERPRINCIPALNAME() || isblank(fact_services[]), but this is not working. I also tried this in de services table, but unfortunately without succes. 

Is it possible to add a filter in every table to see the blank data with RLS? 

Can someone help me? 

HI @RobinSellow , do you have a sample file that you could share with us to work this out?

Hi all,


Here is how my dataset is built. I have a RLS table with user names, emailadressess and regions (id's). Every user may see an other region, so the dataset if filtered at region level. My RLS table is connected with the region table. The region table is connected with the facilitites table. Because in the region, there are multipe facilities active. And the facilities table is connected with the services table. In this table all the services are mentioned. A service can be fulfilled, then the column declaration_id is filled, but if a service is not fulfilled, than this cell is blank. But this information is also in the dashboard. The problem is that RLS is not showing blank cells, and now my data is not right. 

How can i fix this? 

Helper III
Helper III

@amitchandak Nailed it mate, Thank you loads....

Super User
Super User

@Calvin69 , Try like

[email] = userprincipalname() || isblank(Table[department Project])

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