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Helper IV
Helper IV

Previsibility for new purchases - based on last orders



we need reach a 'previsibility' of new ordes for next week, reviewing last 02 or 03 orders to get a previsibility of 'WHEN' customer will buy again. Based on that previsibility we would like to start CRM actions for cases where would be expected a new order for yesterday (for example) but not realized...


Let´s say that looking sales table, we realize that 'Customer A' bought on '01/01/2018', '21/01/2018' and 10/02/2018 so the average time (we need calc) for new order is '20 days'. After that we can expect 'customer A' buying again on '02/03/2018'.


 There is DAX formula to check this interval based on last dates of purchase and calc this average?

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @jr3151006,


I'm wondering if you could firstly create two measures to get the last order date, the first order date of the last 02 or 03 orders for a customer. (In order to do it, you may need to rank the order dates for each custom first.)


Then use DATEDIFF function to create a new measure to calculate the average days that a customer will order again. Smiley Happy

Measure = DATEDIFF ( [First Order Date], [Last Order Date], DAY ) / 2 --Divided by the value according to your needs



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