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Helper I
Helper I

Prepared statements? Amazon Redshift ODBC Error prepared statements

hi, i'm trying to connect to an Amazon redshift database to get Greenhouse data (recruiting system) but i keep getting an error.


DataSource.Error: ODBC: ERROR [42P05] [Microsoft][Amazon Redshift] (30) Error occurred while trying to execute a query: [SQLState 42P05] ERROR: prepared statement "PGODBCStmt-ExternalSchema" already exists


My system vendor explains that "the prepared statement error likely indicates your tool is attempting to use prepared statements to query Redshift. Our firewall does not allow prepared statements, so you'll need to tell your tool to not use them. "

How do i do that? Ideas? 

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Any luck resolving this issue?  I'm running into the exact same problem.

I am having the same issue as well. Did you happen to resolve yet? We have reached out to GH and they are pointing the issue back to Microsoft. 

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No, I didn't have any luck.  GH referred me to their PostGreSQL alternative.  Which works, but is slower and will result in truncation errors for certain tables.


After the back and forth between Msft and GH, I started using a data gateway to get to GH data and it resolved itself.

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Are you using the Redshift connect in PBI or the PostGreSQL driver?


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Interesting.  Are you able to refresh from PBI desktop as well?

Yes. I can refresh from PBI desktop but not able to connect via the web in order to schedule auto refreshes. 

yes, but now that we are working from home, we have had to use a jump box because of greenhouse's requirement of storing the appropriate company IP addresses the request is coming from.

I am using the Redshift connect in PBI. Everything worked great for the first 3 months. Randomly stopped working at the end of June.  

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That was my experience as well.  We were about to deploy our reports when the June PBI update hit and everything stopped working.

I wasn't able to get x64 PBI working with the x64 redshift drivers. I wrote a little program in C# so that I could get better error messages and found that I was able to get x86 redshift drivers to work. I downloaded x86 PBI and I'm able to access everything now. 

Not sure what was harder, configuring my ODBC connection or replying to this thread (it kept refreshing and not letting me reply).

So, I set this up on another machine but this time being 32 bit wasn't enough. I needed to downgrade to older drivers. 32bit PowerBI with 32bit driver Version are working for me now. What a pain!

Hi do you have odbc driver for Redshift Version files, I really need them but couldn't find them as they are no longer available

how did you revert back to an old version?

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Following this thread as we got the same error using Tableau with Amazon Redshift connector to Greenhouse. Been using it for 6 months with no issues, then all of a sudden our Tableau online extract refreshes started failing with the exact same error message.


It only seems to be impacting our tableau online extract refreshes, we are able to connect using Tableau desktop and refresh fine aswell as connect tableau online workbooks to amazon redshift. 


Hopefull if you are able to resolve with PowerBi it could be the same issue in Tableau. 

I've tested the PostgresSQL's ODBC that GH gave me and it worked. I had one table that gave me an error, that the fetched item was truncated. But i don't need that table, so I didn't select it next time and it worked fine.

wasn't able to resolve with power bi. had to get a new ODBC connection method from GH. i haven't tested it yet though.

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thank you, if you wouldn't mind confirming when you have tested we may go the same route and ask GH for new connection details. 

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Hi @merinmione 


Did you get any resolution to this?


I am having the exact same problem trying to access Greenhouse data via Redshift in Power BI and am really struggling to troubleshoot. We have tried the built-in Redshift driver in Power BI plus also other ODBC drivers but still experiencing errors. And I got the same feedback from Greenhouse and no other help from them.


I'd be grateful for any feedback or learnings you have!

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