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New Member

Powerbi takes to long to Load data (Stays on Evaluating Query, Waiting for Other Queries)


   Powerbi seems to take longer and longer to load the same 90 Days, its only 2 queries that pull the last 90 days and the data set for both queries are actually smaller. If I pull the data in SMSS it returns within 60 seconds and completely finishes the load within 120 Seconds. In Powerbi the data takes 15 to 20 minutes to get off of Evauluating query (It is a direct query (SELECT 12 Columns From TABLE WHERE DATE >= DATEADD(DAY, -90, GETDATE()) ). I literally waited 45 minutes for both tables to load tonight. Any thoughts how to speed this along would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 




The same thing happens to me. I read all the comments and the experts in support do not say the causes. They should have a good diagnosis of the origins of the problems and the solutions.

Helper V
Helper V

Hi Ibendlin,
My dataset has 109,155 rows which are not too much. However, after I applied some steps like unpivot they become 12 times more than the original number of rows. This is now taking over 45 mins to load the data in model, I don't know why is it taking so long?

The one that is 'Original' has no applied steps, straight coming from stored procedure.

The one that is 'Duplicate' has applied steps to pivot and unpivot some columns.

Any advise to this would be appreciated.




Use the Query Diagnostics to identify the steps that take the longest.  Consider using Table.Buffer or its equivalents to speed up repetitive actions.  Try to avoid steps that break query folding. See if rearranging steps improves performance.

New Member

My apologies for the miss communication, no change to the query, this happens during refreshing the data. The file is unfortunately blocked from automatically refreshing, so it has to be refreshed and published daily. During this refresh (No change to anything queries) it will stay on "Evauluating" for a very long time sometimes over an hour. 

My experience with such a situation is that you have to wait it out, but only one time.


What version of Power BI Desktop are you running?

New Member

@lbendlin is there a way to see what the Meta data is or some way I can check? Its 2 queries that get updated every day, not sure how it could change so much in 1 day so I need to investigate why, its stays on that screen for a up to 45 minutes some days. 

Why do you need to modify these queries every day?

Helper III
Helper III

I experienced a similar issue.  Even for report with 1 query, it still states it is waiting for other queries ?  How do I find out what it is waiting for ?



Super User
Super User

"Evaluating"  means you have made substantial changes to the meta data, and Power Query is panicking and is reloading all the meta information.


Try to make fewer meta data changes.

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