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PowerBI Desktop Crashes released Jan 29 2016 crashing

Wondering if only me, but just downloaded the latest Power BI desktop and it crashes without being to open anything.

Anyone else having this issue?



@SIT, I don't think there is a resolution to this issue. Can you capture the details from Event viewer and send an email to (pqian at microsoft dot com) and (akjana at microsoft dot com) about this?

New Member

I have same problem with you. Are you fixed it?

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

We released a new version (2.31.4280.601) of the PBI Desktop yesterday. We believe this issue can be addressed in that build. Can you please install it and let us know if it is fixed.



I am having the same problem.  I have uninstalled and re-installed with a freshly downloaded copy to no avail.  The Power BI Desktop splash screen comes up and says Initializing model for a little then I just get the ever useful "Microsoft Power BI Desktop has stopped working" with the option to debug or close program.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

@tcoleman Does your problem go away when you run as administrator?

@pqian Unfortunately no, the problem remains whether I run as Administrator, or regular user.  I have also tried several combinations of compatibility mode with no change.  Always fails the same way.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

@tcoleman any chance that it's related to this issue (MSI laptop)?


Did Windows Event viewer log anything?

@pqian I do not have that msi installed on my computer.  I did look at the event viewer and it tells me that the problem was with CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe and that it was a NullReference Exception

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

@tcoleman Ooh NRE...not fun

Can you copy the entire message (as much detail as possible) from the event viewer. There's also something else we can try, but it'll involve you running a debug build which we can send it out. Can you send an email to (pqian at microsoft dot com) and (akjana at microsoft dot com) about this? We can follow up there.



I have no issues.  Maybe download a fresh copy and try again

* Matt is an 8 times Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.

I will give it a try, thanks!

Ok, uninstalled the new version.  Re-booted (just in case) and downloaded new version again and installed.  Still crashing!

Decided to go back to prevous version (I had saved the file) and am able to open PowerBI with no issues.

Maybe I will just wait until it decides to auto update.


Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Can you elaborate on "crashing"? Did it give you any error messages? Did it just quit without anything? Does it crash when you open a file or when you just run the exe?

Sorry just saw this, it was crashing when running the .exe file.


I would like to give Minh Pham, Ashley Jones (and the team behind both) for doing their best to help me out with the issue.  Seems something was amiss in the registry, so I did a complete re-install of WIn10 and now things are running as they should.



@Peterhof I downloaded the new desktop from the PBI Service and have no issues.

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