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Power BI: how to create a Button on the visual page to show the volumes of the update current week?

 Hi, experts. I have 3 visuals on a page which shows the volumes of produced products. we can call them 'v1', 'v2', 'v3'. and there is a location slicer. besides, I already created a 'date between' slicer that i can choose wharever date ranges i want. But still I want to create a button just below the slicer, and when i click the button, all the visuals on this page will show the volumes of the current week. and the most important is, everytime the data source refreshed, clicking the button will show to the new current week data. I think bookmark is not a good choice becasue it cannot update accordingly. Can anyone help me ?



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous 


Perhaps you can set the current week as the default value in a slicer, then use a bookmark to store the state. Everytime when the dataset is refreshed, it will switch the current week. 

How to set current week as default slicer - Microsoft Fabric Community


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Jing
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Hi Jing,

thank you for your reply. What I am currently doing is 

1. create a Calendar table extracted from my fact table :


2. then i created three tables which only contains dates of current week, previous week and YTD separately.



3. then i append these three tables into one "period picklist table" 


4. then i created the relationships like this:

'Calendar'[Date] -(1 to many*)-> 'weekly visual'[Date]


'Calendar'[Date]' <-(1 to many*)-> 'Period Picklist'[Date]


5. finally I build a slicer for [Period] in 'period picklist'


Problem is, at the beginning it looks OK, the period slicer filters date slicer correctly.

However, once I changed the dateslicer manually, the period slicer can no longer filter the date slicer corrrectly. for example, i manually choose the date slicer from 1-10-2022 to 1-7-2023.


then I select YTD in the period slicer, though the data in the matrix visuals show correctly, but the date slicer does not change to the date range of YTD (from 2-1-2023 to 8-7-2023). I have to manually move the slider to make the date slicer show the correct date range. (i do make the right interactions to make the period slicer filter the date slicer.)


so I wonder how to make the period slicer filter the date slicer automartically, so i dont have to move the slider by myself everytime?

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