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Helper III
Helper III

Power BI Goals - Cannot use LOOKUPVALUE to get Parent Goal name?



I am using a composite model of a Power BI Goals dataset and trying to create a DAX calculation to get the Parent Goal Name. So the Goals dataset is Import but I have taken a local "directquery" model of it to work on in a composite sense.


For reference I am following Radacad's blog post here: Radacad Org Hierarchy & Chart of Accounts 


According to what I've read - the functions I need (LOOKUPVALUE and PATHITEM) are not available for a DirectQuery dataset. I am looking to use them on the composite model. Is this possible?


If it's not possible - is there an alternative way of getting Parent Goal names from the Power BI Goals dataset?


Pinging @justynalucznik in case there is any insight here regarding Goals 


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @BSLATTER  @justynalucznik 

 We cannot create calculated column with Lookupvalue function for the Direct Query mode table by my tests.

However, we could create the calculated column with Lookupvalue function for the import mode table.

In addition, we could create the measure with Lookupvalue function for the the Direct Query mode table.

You could try to use measure to have a test.


Lookupvalue function not appearing - Direct Query mode: 

What Happened To "Allow unrestricted measures in DirectQuery mode": 



Wish it is helpful for you!


Best Regards


Thank you for responding.


The situation is that my dataset is Import - but I am "Live Connecting" to it from Power BI Desktop to build the report. Does that have the same limitations as "Direct Query" in this case?


If so - is there another way to get parent/child hierarchy out of Power BI Goals datasets?


It is possible to create any measures when connecting to SSAS with Power BI Desktop (not Service).

Tutorial: Create your own measures in Power BI Desktop


But it would meet some limitations

Calculated measures when live connected to MDX cubes

"Using Analysis Services Tabular data in Power BI Desktop"

When connecting live, no data from the Tabular model is imported into Power BI Desktop.

Each time you interact with a visualization, Power BI Desktop queries the Tabular model and calculates the results you see.

In live connection,the measures you created aren't kept in-memory of the PowerBI tenant.

(using "Import" should be kept in-memory of the PowerBI)

Connect to Analysis Services tabular data in Power BI Desktop




Best Regards


Thank you,


Sounds like the assumption was right - that "Live Connect to a Power BI dataset" has the same behaviours/limitations of a Direct Query dataset, even if the Power BI dataset is Import.


Is there an alternative way then of connecting to Power BI Goals dataset so that I can use those additional DAX capabilities?

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