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Helper I
Helper I

Power BI Desktop - Only show X number of records (to fit the page)

Hi.  I have a table with a lot of records on it.  I am trying to only show the number of records on each page that is visible without having to scroll.  Is this possible with Power BI Desktop?  See attached for my sample data.  I want to cap each page at 36 records (so page 1 is 1-36, pg 2 37-73 etc...).  I thought there was maybe some way to do this with line numbers but I can't figure out how to do this.  (Also open to doing this report builder but I just have never used that so not sure if that is the better way to go and would prefer to continue using in PBI DT) Please advise!

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Solution Sage
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Awesome! Thaks so much!

Resolver III
Resolver III

Dear @Taffalaffa power bi is not designed to display paginated report concept.I total advice to use power bi builder which is designed for this kind of reporting. just you need to publish your database to power bi service.Then, right click on dataset ---> create paginated report ----> it will asked to download power bi builder application which will be connected to the published .you just create your report in power bi builder like SSRS then publish again to the power bi service.after that you open the main power bi file add a paginated report visulation then connect to the published power bi builder.

so litteraly you will have the concept of paginated report embeded into power bi.

have some research on how to use power bi builder and in your case it's too easy straight forward as you just have one table and you don't need parametrs.

hope this helps. 

Best Regards,


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