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Power BI Dashboard Templates for Servicenow

Hello everyone,


We at Alpha Serve built several Power BI Templates for Servicenow, which are available for free within our Power BI Connector for Servicenow app:

  • ServiceNow Incident Management Dashboard
  • ServiceNow Problem Management Dashboard
  • ServiceNow Problem Request Dashboard
  • ServiceNow Change Management Dashboard
  • ServiceNow Configuration Items Dashboard



We're thinking of building more Dashboard Templates based on Servicenow data, and would like to ask Power BI Community what would you love us to build next (all templates will be available free of charge).


Thank you.




Super User
Super User

You make some good points, and sharing the overt value of a generous 30-day trial of the Connector is helpful.  In that light, would you, for the benefit of the Maker rather than the Leader compare and contrast with and without your product?   What are the pain points, and what separates your product from others in the market?  Visualize this as if we were meeting at a Tradeshow, and the conversation started, "Tell me what is so special about your product, and why should I use it?"

@fooddWell, we aimed to collect suggestions from experts in Business Intelligence through this post. Specifically, we're interested in understanding which other templates the community would like us to develop.


In regards to the app and its standout characteristics, I'd emphasize the following:

  1. Establishing a connection between ServiceNow and Power BI can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes. The process is straightforward and doesn't require any coding knowledge; it's so simple that anyone can do it.

  2. The app supports incremental refresh!

  3. Dot-walking is fully supported!

  4. Power Query is supported!
  5. A variety of advanced filters are available for use.

  6. Even those on a free trial can avail themselves of our complimentary Power BI templates.

Feel free to read more on our website or




Thank you for clarifying the value, benefits, and opportunity.    As a Community Champion, do you see the value in a Community Edition of the Connector and line in the same way as Tabular Editor 2?


While we understand the value it could bring to the community and its potential benefits, we have decided not to release a Community Edition just yet.


Our current focus is on enhancing and improving the existing version of our app to meet the needs of our users and customers. We want to ensure that the features and functionalities we offer are optimized for all users, regardless of their level of expertise or involvement.


Rest assured that we will continue to evaluate the possibility of a Community Edition in the future, but for now, our priority remains on refining the core features and providing the best possible experience to all our users.

Super User
Super User

Thank you for providing these templates that help add value to a Service Now customer that also has an investment in Power BI.   Let me understand.  The templates are free, but do they depend on your custom connector that requires a monthly spend of $1900 to use, and if so, what is the workflow for an alternative connector?   Perspectively, this is meant for the Enterprise space due to the price point.    What would be nice is for the casual Report Maker to be able to use these templates as well.




Hey @foodd 


Thank you for your well-thought-out question.


Indeed, ServiceNow is primarily designed for enterprise-level applications.


We offer a free 30-day trial of our application, during which you can also download and test our templates. This provides an excellent opportunity for you to evaluate them and integrate into your current reporting, without having to pay for the app subscription.





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