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Helper I
Helper I

Power App embedd in Power BI using Dynamics CRM Data

To the collective smarty pants-

I have been searching for answers to a problem that I am not sure if it is Power BI, Power Apps or Dynamics CRM who holds the solution. I've embedded a Power App into Power BI (tried both the service and desktop). I've also built the app 2 different ways, one starting with Power BI and the other starting with Power Apps, then loading to Power BI. All methods revolve around 1 Dynamics CRM entity.

  • The app built starting with Power BI, performs all of the filtering and interactions needed to located a record. However this method does not update the record in CRM. This app lists the Power BI Integration data source.
  • The app built starting with Power Apps, performs the creating and updating of records in CRM without the interactions needed once embedded to Power BI. This app does not lists the Power BI Integration data source. When trying to add it, I get an endless loop error. Researching the error tells me I don't have a Power App licence, which I do.

I have contacted a IT vendor that supports Microsoft products, they did not have a solution to my problem. This doesn't warrant a support ticket to Microsoft as I cannot rule out this being something I have wrong or not learned yet.


I don't expect a solution without providing examples, but perhaps someone can point me in the right direction?

Thank you for your time. 


Super User
Super User
Super User
Super User

Power BI consumes a data source, (without advanced witchcraft) it cannot write back into the data source.


The PowerApps app can do both - it can connect to a recordset/gallery, it can display the data, and it can write back into the data source.


If you want both to cooperate then you need to cut down on the PowerApps functionality. Don't use PowerApps for displaying data, only use it for the data entry.


Once that part is done you can add the PowerApps visual to your Power BI Desktop file, and wire it in . That means you need to explain to the PowerApps visual which datapoints it should pull from the Power BI dataset.  Technically you can also not do that, and leave the PowerApp visual unwired. That means the user can only do manual data entry etc.


You may need another step to complete the roundtrip.  Entering the data in the PowerApp visual will not automatically refresh the Power BI data unless your Power BI dataset is direct Query and you have enabled automatic page refresh.  Otherwise you need to manually refresh.


As you probably notice by now this is a klutz, but it's the best klutz we have so far for the data write back.  I sure hope something better than that is on the Power BI roadmap.

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