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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Please share your thoughts on the new in-place dataset sharing for Power BI datasets (preview)

Hit Reply and let us know what you think of the cross tenant in-place dataset sharing for Power BI datasets. To learn more about this feature, please visit this blogpost or our documentation.


Here are some areas that we'd like to hear about in particular:

  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Documentation
  • Authoring experience in Desktop
  • Governance and admin controls

Thanks - we look forward to hearing your feedback!

-Power BI B2B Team


Hi - can you please confirm the licensing for the provider and the consumer (external) tenant? See licensing table for supported scenarios. 


Another reason this could happen is if the dataset setting is not enabled for external sharing. Can you confirm? 

Hi Padraig,
is the external user logged into PBI Desktop with exactly the same user as in the cloud tenant?

A working cloud access tells me that permission and licence-wise everything is ok, so this is the only issue I can think of at the moment.




Regular Visitor

Greetings.  Is there a way to keep up with the team on the progress of this feature?  With dotnet, I believe standups could be attended or at least reviewed by outside developers.  Is there any visibility like that with the Power BI B2B Team?  I ask because, as @Anonymous mentioned, this is tailor-made for a use case we have.  If it will take a month or two to get this ready for GA, we can probably limp along with a workaround.  Any thoughts on an ETA for GA or being able to view the team's progress?  Thanks!

Not applicable

This appears to be the perfect option for us as we work with multiple clients on different tenants. Unfortunately, after following all steps in the documentation, we, like many in this thread, are unable to see the External Data tab in the Data Hub.

Are any fixes planned for the near future to allow this feature to work as described?

Helper I
Helper I

Would be great if you could answer the open questions in this thread!

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Thanks - just answered. Do let me know if any additional questions. 

Well, the question on troubleshooting is still open, and it is a valid one: how to debug such cases?


Also as it is still on preview: how can we get in touch with someone from Microsoft to discuss on this issue? I think Microsoft should be interested in that as you're doing preview to get experience from the field. So how to submit issues, and where?

Could you please check and see if you have "From external Orgs" tab on your PBI service homepage? This tab lists everything that you have access to as guest user. Datasets shared with you by another tenant should come up in "From external orgs" tab as well. This is just to confirm that you really have access to this dataset as guest user. "From external orgs" tab will not give you same experience as "External data" tab. 


I would also highly recommend going through our limitations section to understand in what scenarios the functionality will not work:


In addition, reaching out to our customer support team and raising a ticket will help get more eyes on your issues and resolve them. 

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I'd like to try this feature as  I enabled it in our Premium capacity tenant, but I am really not able to find the "tab called External data" in the Data hub in Power BI Desktop, even if I have activated the preview option in Desktop and shared some datasets to a test user in another tenant.

In the documentation the suggestion is to use the Data Hub (with no attached screenshot), but I really can't find where I should be looking for the shared dataset:


Can you help me out?



Hi - can you confirm the account you shared dataset with is the account you are trying to access on the desktop? Note, you will also need to enable the tenant settings and the dataset settings as mentioned here: Share B2B datasets with external guest users (preview) - Power BI | Microsoft Learn


The external data tab in desktop appears when you are a registered guest in a different tenant and have a dataset shared with you from that tenant.  

@varunjain wrote:

Hi - can you confirm the account you shared dataset with is the account you are trying to access on the desktop?

Hi, thank you for your answer! Yes, I am logged in Power BI with the recipient user.

@varunjain wrote:

Note, you will also need to enable the tenant settings and the dataset settings as mentioned here: Share B2B datasets with external guest users (preview) - Power BI | Microsoft Learn

Now I have activated the "Allow guest users to work with shared datasets in their own tenants" also in the recipient tenant.

@varunjain wrote:

The external data tab in desktop appears when you are a registered guest in a different tenant and have a dataset shared with you from that tenant.  

Unfortunately, also after activating all the required settings and receiving the share email on the recipient side I cannot see the "External data" tab in the Power BI Data Hub.


A question: in it says "Only pro and premium users can share datasets externally. However, pro trial users won't be able to use this capability. In-place dataset sharing isn't available for free users.". Is this true also for the recipient side?

Currently the source tenant has a Pro workspace, but the recipient side is on Pro Trial. Does the recipient need the paid Pro subscription to try this feature?


Thank you a lot



Hi - 


For licensing restrictions, please see here:,...

It looks like you are sharing the dataset from a Pro workspace in which case the recipient needs to be a paid Pro user or a PPU user. In case of a PPC workspace, there are no restrictions on the recipient side.  See the table in the link above for more details. 


Do let us know if moving the dataset to a PPC workspace or changing recipient to a paid Pro license solves the issue! 

Any update from the Microsoft team here?  I am experiencing the same issues.  All settings appear to be correct based on the documentation, but I cannot see the "External" dataset in the DataHub of the 2nd tenant to which the dataset has been shared.

Same here,

Vendor has created and shared dataset, all PowerBI admin setting were done according to documentation. The remote Organisation is shown in my Azure account profile but the "External data" tab is missing in PowerBI Desktop nonetheless.

Is there any way to troubleshoot this

The solution in this case was to log into the source (external!) PowerBI Tenant once. Since I have to be a Guest User in the source tenant for this feature, it is possible.
Once I logged in, the external tab became visible in both, the cloud PBI service and the PBI Desktop.

I was told that this extra step will not be necessary in the future anymore.

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We have a setup where Azure Analysis Services runs in our tenant.
Our customers have their own tenant.
Their users are guests in our tenant.
They can access the AAS from their tenant through the datasets.
Each customer connects to a differend database/model in AAS.
when we try to use composite model with their dataset it doesn't work because this cannot be used accross tenants.

therefore we hoped this new feature would allow this.
but how do I start to share the dataset. properly ?
the dataset is in their tenant, but accesses a AAS in a different tenant.

Hi - with in-place b2b access, you can connect to external datasets shared with you on your desktop through the "External Data" tab in the Data Hub and build a composite model using this external dataset. See more here: Power BI in-place dataset sharing with guest users in external organizations(preview) - Power BI | M...


If my understanding is correct, your customers will need to share the datasets with you for in-place access. For this, they will need to enable the following admin settings : Share B2B datasets with external guest users (preview) - Power BI | Microsoft Learn before they can share the dataset. 


once shared, you can enable the "preview" feature on your desktop and navigate to the "External Data" tab to connect to these datasets. 


Hope that helps! 

Super User
Super User

Yeah, about that.  Where can we switch this off permanently and how can we remove all mention of this in the Power BI Desktop Preview features?  We do not want this, not now, not ever.

Thanks for your feedback. Here are the tenant settings to control this capability including configuring who can share data externally in your tenant:

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