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Pivoting a table by date to find the start and end of an event

Hello.  i'm in the situation as shown below:



i have 4 columns: 
name 1: a page visited
DateUTC: when it was visited
actionEvent: what has been done
Name 2: who done it
watching data is clare to understand when someone loged in and out from a page. but i dont know how to pivot this table to have a column access and one leave
to have something like this:  
name1, name2, loaded, leave
where leave can be null
can someone help me?

Super User
Super User

Hi @GDavi ,

In Power Query move Name 2 to beside name 1.

Select Access Event>Transform>Pivot Column>Select Date from Popup and don't aggregate from advance options.



Hope this helps

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Hi! i tried this, but unfortunatly it works only if i add a index column.
the final result is me having 4 columns: 
name 1
name 2
Loaded --> with the date of loading and some nulls
Leave --> with date of leaving with some nulls
it still don't pair together the access with his leave (that is not necessarily the next leave in line)
the think i need is similar to this, because i need those 4 columns, but i also need to not have null on the load column and to populate the leave column only with the correct date

Hi @GDavi, Can you send a before and after example with anonymous data so that I can better understand your problem.



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