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Percentages in Line Chart

My line chart is measuring 3 things. I want line A to be measured as a percentage of line B. However, it is being measured as a percentage of line B and C. Is there a way to fix this?

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Memorable Member

Hi @pkumar,

Could you please provide sample data and expectation as picture? So I could quickly create sample solution for you.

Line Graph.PNG



Essentially I want the graph to look how it does right now, but I want the "Success" line to be a percentage and not a sum. Also, it should be a percentage of Marketo Lead ID, not a percentage of Marketo Lead ID and Activity Type (grand total).

Hi @pkumar,


You could try with calculated measure:

Success = DIVIDE(DISTINCTCOUNT(Data[Marketo Lead ID]), CALCULATE(DISTINCTCOUNT(Data[Marketo Lead ID]),ALL(Data)))

Screenshot 2017-01-04 21.16.27.png


As my sample: there are total 130 leads, and 5 leads in April 17, 2016, so the % = 5/150 = 3.86%. Is is correct?

For filter with anothe columns/fields, you could replace ALL(Data) method by ALLEXCEPT(Data,columnfieldInTheSlicer) or try with ALLSELECTED method.


If this works for you please accept it as solution and also like to give KUDOS.

Best regards
Tri Nguyen

I'm still a little confused...I'm trying to get the success percentage to be a percentage of Activity Type. So if you look at the line graph I uploaded highlighted, it should be 1701/31075 = 5.47%

Hi @pkumar,

Could you please share your sample data so i could quickly understand and solve it for you? ❤️

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