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Percentage change last year over this year

I have the following formula for percentage change. In the chart below, I only want to show the change for the current year. Is there a way to remove the change value for the previous year? So in this case, remove -15.70% from the table.





Percentage Change =
VAR This_YEAR = [Count of Open VER]
VAR LAST_YEAR = Calculate([Count of Open VER], SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR(Calendar_DAX[Date]))
Return Divide(This_YEAR - LAST_YEAR, LAST_YEAR, 0)
Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

If you want to show values for LY (in this case, 2022), but not the % change from 2022 to 2021 I would do the following:

  • Create measure for Count of Open VER if you don't already have one
  • Create measure for Count of Open VER for last year: Count of Open VER LY = CALCULATE([Count of Open VER],SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR('Date'[Date]))
  • Create measure for YoY% (you can use quick meausure): 
    Count of Open VER YoY% = VAR __PREV_YEAR = CALCULATE([Count of Open VER], DATEADD('Date'[Date], -1, YEAR))
        DIVIDE([Count of Open VER] - __PREV_YEAR, __PREV_YEAR)
  • Add filters/slicers for Quarter and Year to the filter pane or the canvas
  • In a table or matrix you can add in Quarter and Year (if you want to display the selections the user has chosen), then add in the measures for Count of Open VER, Count of Open VER LY, and Percentage Change.







Resolver II
Resolver II

You can try the following measure

Conditional Percentage Change =

VAR CurrentYear = YEAR(TODAY()) // Get the current year

VAR Change = [Percentage Change] // Replace with your actual measure for percentage change


IF(YEAR([DateColumn]) = CurrentYear, Change, BLANK()


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