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Parent Child Hierarchy all in one column from data base


I'm new to Power BI, and i'm in charge of handling with Parent Child Hierarchy. But this kind of hierarchy is different from the ones which i studied. See for yourself:


I'm confused on how could i use path and pathcontains in this situation. If i split the column by the delimiter, then i can have several levels, but what should i do next? 

In the application, the level "0x.0x" is always higher than the "0x.0x.0x", even though they are in the same group.

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I'm trying to reply to you, but for some reason i'm unable to do it with a table.

So, i modified the data, replacing the dot for the "|" and then i divided the column in 8 levels. Does this make sense?

Captura de tela 2024-04-15 133328.png

I have a employee column, ID column, company, cost center etc. if its for good use. I'm in the right path?

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Super User

Hello @PauloRicardo,


Can you please try this approach:


1. Create a Calculated Table

HierarchyTable = 
    DISTINCT ( YourOriginalTable[SECTOR] ),
    "POSITION", LOOKUPVALUE(YourOriginalTable[POSITION], YourOriginalTable[SECTOR], YourOriginalTable[SECTOR]),
        SUBSTITUTE(YourOriginalTable[SECTOR], ".", "|"), 

2. Fix the ParentSector Calculation

ParentSector = 
VAR CurrentSector = YourOriginalTable[SECTOR]
VAR ParentPath = SUBSTITUTE(CurrentSector, ".", "|")
VAR ParentCount = PATHLENGTH(ParentPath)
RETURN IF(ParentCount > 1, PATHITEMREVERSE(ParentPath, 2, "|"), BLANK())

Hope this helps!

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