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Paginated Report - Help with From and To Date Range Parameter

Hello.  I have a Paginated Report that points to a dataset.  I set a filter on the date in the date dimension table (defined as date time) using range inclusive option.  This creates my from and to date parameters.  These from and to date parameters are set as text because the dax query has logic to convert to datetime to do the comparison.  My report runs and returns data, but it always returns data just for the date that is the 'to' date.  i.e, if I select the from date as 6/30/2022 and the to date as 8/31/2022, the report always shows data just for 8/31/2022 even though I know there is data for other months because if I run it for 6/30/2022 and 6/30/2022 it does return June data.  Any ideas why?  I have researched this a lot and tried many things but no success.  Thanks


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