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Helper III
Helper III

One row in a measure table not calculating



I've been going nuts with different HasOneValue and SumX equations to get the measures in my table to show correctly on all rows. 


My equation / Measure:

IF(SUM('Table'[Scheduled]) = 0[Measure 12]IF(SUM('Table'[Measure]) =0SUM('Table'[Scheduled]), IF(SUM('Table'[Column 3]) >= 1[Measure 21] + [Measure 12],if(SUM('Table'[Scheduled]) > [Measure 12]*.8,SUM('Table'[Scheduled]), [Measure 12]))))
The number underlined in the table is the only item which is wrong. It is 1839 in total, it should be 2071. The Blanks should be missing as well. 
Please note: I am doing a SUMX on the equation above. If I put 'Level' first, the table doesn't calculate. 
Measure 24 = SUMX(SUMMARIZE('Table','Table'[Element]'Table'[Building]'Table'[Level]), [Measure 23])


Thanks so much for the help!
Helper III
Helper III

@amitchandak  Wondering if you've been able to get it to calculate? I still can't get the matrix to total correctly.

Helper III
Helper III

Hey @amitchandak 


Please find attached the sample data.


Please note it is Table and measure 23 is the equation. Measure 24 is the one which is not calcuating. 


Totals should be 2071 for Sub - Acute building. This is the only one which isn't loading. 


Thank you so much!


Link to sample: Link



Super User
Super User

@mwen90 , I am assuming measure 23 is first to measure you have shown, Make sore all rows column of Matrix are included in summarize


Try like

Measure 24 = SUMX(Addcolumns( SUMMARIZE('Table','Table'[Element], 'Table'[Building], 'Table'[Level]), "_1",[Measure 23]), [_1])


If this does not help
Can you share sample data and sample output in table format? Or a sample pbix after removing sensitive data.



Yeah Measure 23 = If statements. I tried your measure but it didnt work unfortuatnely, 


What do you mean 'Make sore all rows column of Matrix are included in summarize'? 


I'll see if this explination helps, otherwise I'll prepare some sample data.


Thank you for the help!

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