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OLE DB or ODBC error: While Refreshing all my reports both from Service and Desktop


We have same dashboard format for multiple projects and all are in different workspaces. All of their data are coming from different sharepoint folders that are set for the specific project. 

When we tried to refresh our dashboards this month, almost all of the dashboards gave the same error which I couldn't figure out what it might be. 


Please see below:





OLE DB or ODBC error: Type mismatch. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80020005 (DISP_E_TYPEMISMATCH)).


Anyone has any idea why this might be caused?

Best regards,

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I got the same error after last update and I don't know what to do. This is a super important dashboard to my function and we release it to other departments yesterday and now I cannot update with new information from Excel database.


I tried to change the unique columns that shown some kind of error in Power Query editor and nothing seems to work.


I saw some people saying to replicate these columns and erase the originals and rename the new ones to the same name but I don't understand how this gonna work since I closed the dashboard in Tuesday and when I opened on Wed, it no longer worked anymore.


Please, can anyone help with this matter?






Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

Sounds like one of the types in your data sources has changed and your report query can't convert it to your report's format. (Or someone's put the wrong format of data in a column somewhere, if you are pulling from an excel file on sharepoint this can be easy to do). 

Recommend opening up Power Query and checking the "Changed Type" steps in it, failing that, check your data sources to see if someone's put the wrong type of information in your sharepoint files, such as putting text in a date column, etc. 

More info:

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Just a regular guy doin' Data Science.

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I took a look in all columns and there was just two showing error and it got fixed but the error still remains. I'm freaking out, dude.


I changed two columns' type and quality changed to valid, so the error is not happening anymore but when I try to update, the error is shown again.







Investigating here, I discover that this problem is in 'Prazo Fornecedor' column cause when I go to transform data and remove all data showing error, PBI update from database correctly. But with this removal, all essential data are gone, this breaks up my dashboard. Definitely, I don't know what to do... The problem is: Even when I fixed the data types and quality is not showing any error, Power BI does not update properly, just when I removed all incorrect data.




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