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Need to combine Friday/Saturday and Sunday/Monday in my "workday" column



Our reporting team looks at work days a little differently than what I am used to. They like to rollover Saturday's numbers into Friday and Sundays numbers into Monday. I started creating a "WorkdayNumber" column in my date reference table but I can't figure out how to include weekends in the way I just described. For example, The first 2 blanks in the "WorkdayNumber" column should read 3 and 4 since Friday/Saturday are being grouped together and Sunday/Monday are. 



Here is a zoom in of the "WorkdayNumber" column and the values that should fill in the blanks.




Any help would be appreciated!

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@Anonymous , Group Friday, Saturday, and Sunday into the month


Create a new column in your data table and join it date of the date Table


New date  = If( weekday('Table'[date],2) >=5 , 'Table'[Date]+ 7-1*WEEKDAY('Table'[Date],2) +1  , 'Table'[Date])

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@amitchandak Thank you for the response! I was able to create the new date field in my data table and join it to the main date field in my date reference table. Everything looks good from a date perspective but now I need to do a year over year work day comparison. Right now when I compare days, things are understandably disjointed. How can I cleanly compare workdays now that I have the new date field?By day.png


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