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Need to Count Blanks at Month End and they need to remain static if action was taken following month

I have data with several dates and at month's end I need to count the number of Serial for the month and show in a bar chart the total Not Shipped, total Not Installed, total Not Integrated - these monthly totals need to remain static even if action was taken on following months (if serial 8704 was installed in Nov I still need to report 4 not installed for Order Month of Sept)


How can I accomplish this?

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance






Community Support
Community Support

Hi @jamesc926 ,

Can you elaborate on the formula for total Not Shipped, total Not Installed, total Not Integrated? According to your description, I understand it is to calculate the number of rows in the table where the corresponding three columns of date records are empty:


But these values are not correct in the picture you give below:


Best Regards,
Dino Tao

Dino - I would need three formulas, one for each (not shipped, not install, not integrated)

not ship= Countrows (if (Order Month = 8 && Ship Date isblank)) so the Serial Not shipped in Order Month 8 that would be counted is the Not Assigned.  

However when this Serial is assiged and shipped the Total Not Shipped for Order Month 8 needs to remain at 1

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