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Need help in converting Extremly Complicated Excel Formula in DAX measure.

Here we are doing a cumulative sum of the horizontal rows as well as the previous output. For  eg on Column E2, we have (C2+D2) as part of the formula which adds the previous results on the same index. Also, as we move down the row we sum the previous output from above. For example Column E3 we have sum( E2:E1) part of the formula. This is very challenging to create in dax, i tried to create each individual measure and it is interlinked and takes so long to compute with my original dataset which has 10 rows and 10 columns so i had to create 10x10 = 100 measures . So i am wondering what might be the best approach here. Appreciate any help on this


Column A Column B Column CColumn D Column E
100500= IF $A$1(fixed) > B1 then B1 else A1 = 100 = IF $A$2> B1 then B1 else A2 = 200Same formula as Column D1, but we use A3 here.  
2001000 = Min(  $A$1(fixed) -C1, (B2-B1) ,  $A$1 - sum( c1:c1) ) = Min ( 0, 500, 0) = 0 = Min(  $A$2 -$D$1, (B2-B1) - C2 ,  $A$2 - sum( D1:D1) ) = Min ( 0, 500, 0)= Min(  $A$3 -E1, (B2-B1) - (C2+D2) ,  $A$3 - sum( E1:E1) )
3001500 = Min(  $A$1(fixed) -C1, (B3-B2) ,  $A$1 - sum( c1:c2) ) = Min ( 0, 500, 0) = 0=Min(  $A$1 -$D$1, (B3-B2) - C3 ,  $A$1 - sum( D1:D2) )Min(  $A$3 -E1, (B3-B2) - (C3+D3) ,  $A$3 - sum( E2:E1) )

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