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Helper I
Helper I

Need help getting total of a field over the last 6 months into a column on the same table

I am trying to get the total value of a field 'Closed Today' which is a count of records closed that day off all the records in a table over the past 6 months, and add the total into a new column, on each record.


01/11 total of 5
02/11 total 6 (as one is closed on the 02/11)

then six months after this date the total would be 1 as the first 5 are outside of the 6 months.


I have both the created on date, and the date 6 months before the created on available to me as fields.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @GRedhead 


Sorry I'm a little confused about your expected result. Where does the column you want to add to? A calculated column or a column in a table visual? And what are the start dates of each 6 months period? Are these dates fixed or rolling? Can you please provide some sample data and expected result to make it more clear? Thanks very much.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Jing Zhang

Super User
Super User

@GRedhead , Create a date table and join the date of date table with create date and close date and there will be active inactive relation, Use userelation to choose the join

Refer :



For the last 6 months use a formaul like this. use userelation as per need

Rolling 6 = CALCULATE(sum(Sales[Sales Amount]),DATESINPERIOD('Date'[Date],ENDOFMONTH(Sales[Sales Date]),-6,MONTH))
Rolling 6 = CALCULATE(sum(Sales[Sales Amount]),DATESINPERIOD('Date'[Date ],MAX(Sales[Sales Date]),-6,MONTH))
Rolling 6 = CALCULATE(sum(Sales[Sales Amount]),DATESINPERIOD('Date'[Date ],MAX('Date'[Date ]),-6,MONTH))


To get the best of the time intelligence function. Make sure you have a date calendar and it has been marked as the date in model view. Also, join it with the date column of your fact/s. Refer :radacad sqlbi My Video Series Appreciate your Kudos.

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