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My measure doesn't calculate well


I have got this problem, 

I'm fighting with this issue for few days and I decided to ask The Community couse I don't understand the problem.



I try to count number of industries that have two characteristics,

My measure looks like this:


Liczba firm wg par CD v2 =
     VAR paramWP = 'Param WP v2'[Wartość Param WP v2]
     VAR paramKO = 'Param vAdC konkur'[Wartość Param vAdC konkur]
     VAR Result =
CALCULATE( [Liczba firm CD],
       ADDCOLUMNS( VALUES(Adreal_Dzienne[Właściciel marki]),
               "vAdC wybrana Grupa", [vAdC new KO],
               "vAdC WP kol", [vAdC WP] ),
       [vAdC wybrana Grupa] >= paramKO && [vAdC WP kol] <= paramWP )

Return Result
where calculated 
[Liczba firm CD] = COUNTROWS(VALUES(Adreal_Dzienne[Właściciel marki] ) )
Adreal_Dzienne[Właściciel marki] is a column with name of the industries
[vAdC new KO] is a measure calculating SUM of some data
[vAdC WP] is another measure also calculating SUM of some data

I have created two parameters and I want my measure to calculate only number of firms that are within this parameters:
       ADDCOLUMNS( VALUES(Adreal_Dzienne[Właściciel marki]),
               "vAdC wybrana Grupa", [vAdC new KO],
               "vAdC WP kol", [vAdC WP] ),
       [vAdC wybrana Grupa] >= paramKO && [vAdC WP kol] <= paramWP )
The number of firms that are in result of my measure is too big and it looks like it doesn't take in calculation this part: && [vAdC WP kol] <= paramWP, but maybe the measure isn't written correctly at all.
I have checked and when the Result was only VARs: paramWP i paramKO the values are just like I have selected. Maybe I wrongly write the sum of two conditions and it should be created differently not like this: [vAdC wybrana Grupa] >= paramKO && [vAdC WP kol] <= paramWP?
Or two parameters as conditions are not possible to use?

Maybe someone have an idea and will find a way to help me 🙂
Super User
Super User

If you change your VAR Result to 

VAR Result =
Adreal_Dzienne[Właściciel marki]
"vAdC wybrana Grupa"[vAdC new KO],
 "AdC WP kol"[vAdC WP] 
[vAdC wybrana Grupa] >= paramKO && [vAdC WP kol] <= paramWP 

does that get you the result you are looking for?

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Hey, thanks but unfortunatly it gives me the same result as in my solution 😞
it looks like it doesn't take the 

&& [vAdC WP kol] <= paramWP 
condition into calculation 😞

I will try to put it into SWICH ( TRUE () ) logic and then count rows of the result.

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