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Multiple Slicers Summing to 100%

Trying to figure out how to make what-if parameter slicers dyamic between each other. In the example below, if I drag one slicer to a different percentage the other one dyamically changes so they both total 100%. Is this possible?



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Hey @buddybartels 

If they both have a mutual relationship, why not just use one slicer and call it "Split". Then put two cards above it, one says "safety & security" which is based on the user input parameter, and make another card based on a forumla of "1 - [safety & security]. They'll always add up then and react to the slicer. Plus less confusion for the user

This is assuming you're making a "what if parameter" like its described here

Thanks @Anonymous , 

That would definitely work for two, but what I didn't mention is that I'll ultimately need to have 3 or more metrics that add up to 100%. 


I guess in a case of three attributes, I could have a couple sliders and the third is calculated. However, I wanted to lock it all at summing up to 100% in the slickest way possible. 

Hi @buddybartels,


Based on my test, there is no workaround for your requirements. For slicer is based on column value. And it cannot be dynamic by other slicer.


Best Regards,

Dedmon Dai

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