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Multiple Lines in Line chart



I try to visualize curves with a spefic min and max line. In a line chart I am able to select more than one curve and I am able to see the graphs. But it is not possible to add the min and max per curve. The Min and Max value is spefic per



If I use the Line and clustered column chart it is not possible to add the Legend. In this case Max and Min for all curves are the same but normally they are curve spefic.


Line and Cluster.PNG


Is there another line chart where this requirement is possible? Or do someone know another solution?

Community Support
Community Support

hI @Anonymous

First, please know that you could add a "max/min" line With the Analytics pane in Power BI Desktop.

Reference here:

However, it only show the max/min value of [Median of Torque], it can't distinguish from differnce categories.


"min and max per curve" should be added as a line or marker on the line chart?


"min and max per curve" means for every "Angel" point, the max/min value among three lines,

Or means that for each line, for example, when "" is "Ch_0000000230", the max value is 3, the min value is 0.1.

Which understanding is right?


If first is right, as a workaround please refer to my pbix->page 2

create new measures to replace previous ones

value_a = CALCULATE(SUM(Sheet1[median of t]),FILTER(Sheet1,[category]="a"))

value_b = CALCULATE(SUM(Sheet1[median of t]),FILTER(Sheet1,[category]="b"))

value_c = CALCULATE(SUM(Sheet1[median of t]),FILTER(Sheet1,[category]="c"))

max = CALCULATE(MAX(Sheet1[median of t]),ALLEXCEPT(Sheet1,Sheet1[angle]))

min = CALCULATE(MIN(Sheet1[median of t]),ALLEXCEPT(Sheet1,Sheet1[angle]))




If the second one is right, please refer to  to my pbix->page 3

create three Max lines and Min lines separately based on [value_a],[value_b],[value_c].




Best Regards


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Hi @v-juanli-msft,


many thanks for your answer.


But as you say "it can't distinguish from differnce categories." and thats what I need. A min and max line which is selectable by category.




Best regards


Hi @Anonymous

You are welcome.

It is glad that you seems to find what you want.


Thank you for making more realized about your requirement.

I say "it can't distinguish from differnce categories", it is ture when you don't select any item from the slicer, it only show max'min value for all categories.

When you select a item from the slicer, then the max/min value would change according to the selected item.


Best Regards



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Hi @v-juanli-msft


the min/max value changed according to my selected item, but I am not able to display the lines in the chart.

It is only possible to select a item in a slicer or display the min/max value (of all). Both is impossible at the moment. Or am I wrong?




Hi @Anonymous

Does this meet your needs?


Please see the Pbix->page 1

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Hi @v-juanli-msft,


no. My min/max line is more a range. The range for category c is 12 and 15.


The max value of the curve is 18 and min value is 0. So that I am able to display by min and max line. But I like to display the range lines. So I need a line at 12 and 15.




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