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Month over Month Difference in percentage of number of new clients.

Hello everyone, 


I'm finding it difficult to create a measure to find the percentage between the difference of new clients every months. 

Let's say I have two tables: a date table and a client table. The date table is the usual table with date key, year, month and day. The client table is a table that has a client id and the date he joined. 


What I would like to do is a measure that allows me to see the growth percentage of clients each month.


I've tried to do this: 


Last Month Clients = CALCULATE(COUNT(FactClient[id]), PARALLELPERIOD(FactClient[joined], -1, MONTH))
And then the idea was to just divide this over the total number of clients, but not even this formula is working. 
Any ideas on how to implement this? 
Thank you in advance. 
Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Based on your description, I created data to reproduce your scenario. The pbix file is attached in the end.
Month Difference in percentage.pbix

Screen Capture #904.png

Frequent Visitor

Update on this topic. 


I was able to do this by doing 4 measures: 

lm_total_clients = COUNT(FactClient[id])
lm_lm_tickets = CALCULATE([lm_total_tickets],PARALLELPERIOD(DimDate[DateKey].[Date],-1,MONTH))
lm_variance = [lm_total_tickets]-[lm_lm_tickets]
lm_percentage = DIVIDE([lm_variance],[lm_lm_tickets],0)
The problem is that this only works for tables or graphs. 
I would like to obtain a card value, and that I can't do. 
Resolver V
Resolver V

Hi @bullozah123 ,


This article may help you to write the correct measure so as to solve your problem :

If not, please consider to share some sample data and an expected output so we can help you better.



I don't think this helps since its not about the purchases. Is just when they joined. 


To clarify it better what I have is basically a table with


clientid | joined

   1       | 30/1/2020

   2       | 30/1/2020

   3       | 25/2/2020

   4       | 25/3/2020

   5       | 30/3/2020


What I would like to have is a table with. 

Month | Growth

Jan      |  100% (or zero) 
Feb     |   -50%  (since we have 50% less new joiners) 

Mar    |   50%    (since we won 50% more new joiners in comparison to last month) 



For March, shouldn't the answer be 100%?

Ashish Mathur

You are correct!! My mistake!!


You may download my PBI file from here.

Hope this helps.


Ashish Mathur

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