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New Member

Missing values in data source when getting data from Sharepoint Folder

I am trying to create a Dashboard in excel, I am doing this by using Power Pivot. I am pulling in data source excel sheets from a work sharepoint folder. I have two folders with different excel sheets in it, one for all our information on our Forms throughout the year and the older folder has all our Task information for the year. Each folder has a different excel sheet for each month, so at the moment there is about 16 excel sheets in each folder bewteen 2022 and 2023.

I had no trouble importing the excel sheets with the Form information from sharepoint. But for some reason when I import the excel sheets with the Task information there is some information missing in some rows.

I have redownloaded the excel data source sheets, redone the sharepoint connection again, checked the data source excel sheets. I've checked the rows that are missing information in power query editor against the data source and the data source is perfectly fine.


I have tried and get the same data from a folder on my computer instead of going from sharepoint and this works fine, there is no missing data. So it's something to do with getting the data from Sharepoint. But for internal access reasons I need the data to be coming from sharepoint, just like my form information excel sheets.


For example, in the Task Type column here, the top two filter options shouldn't be there, (blank) and 2021-12-13T00:00:00 

The image beside it is the data source, you can see that (blank) and 2021-12-13T00:00:00 are not in the this column, because the data in this column is only supposed to be this Task Type and task type would never be blank or anything other than what is listed here.


Screenshot 2023-04-25 143007.png         be9c21df-2286-4c71-b993-7fd115e5f249.png



Here in Power Query Editor I've filtered the informatoin down to (blank) and 2021-12-13T00:00:00 to show the missing data. Everything form the Status coumn onwards is either empty or has the wrong informatoin in it, as if the data has been shifted left.

You can see in the 2nd row that under Status there is a cell that says Snag. This Snag is supposed to be under Task Type, and as you can see the Task Type has a date in it instead for some reason. Like all the information was shifted left for some reason?


I have checked each of these rows in the data source, and the data source has information in each of these columns


Screenshot 2023-04-25 143058.png


I've tried to google the problem but I can't find any solution at all. Can anybody help out?



New Member

Hi @JenniferH,


Any solution to the blank rows? I'm having a similar problem when pulling hyperlinks into Power BI from SharePoint. All my columns show up, but my hyperlink column is totally blank. 

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