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Helper III
Helper III

Missing Days In Bar Chart Combo of Column and Measure



I have condition here, I created a combo chart with count of a column and measure.


Measure is count of ticket closed on a particular day irrespective the day it was created. What I mean by this is, I have a monthly report for say February 2019 based on submit date. So even if a ticket is created in some other month say January 2019 but closed in February 2019 it should up. I have this measure created which is working perfectly. DAX for measure is: 

DayTicketsResolvedWorkOrder = 
    DISTINCTCOUNT ( viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[WorkOrderId]),
    FILTER (
        ALL ( viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL ),
        ( viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[Status] = "Closed" || viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[Status] = "Completed")
            && viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[MonthEnDate] = MAX(viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[MonthSubmitDate])
            && viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[DayEndDate] = MAX(viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[Day])
            && viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[AssignedGroup] = "Security Administration"
            && (viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[Assignee] = "Francisco Padilla Guerrero"
                || viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[Assignee] = "Kenneth Hanna"
                || viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[Assignee] = "Rodolfo Ochoa"
                || viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[Assignee] = "Jaime Humberto Vargas Cumpian"
                || viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[Assignee] = "David Gamboa Garza")


Now whats happening here is if for a particular day there is no ticket submitted then it does not show that day in the combo chart. Here is the example:barchart.png


Now if you see here there is no ticket which was submitted on 22nd but there are tickets resolved on that day. How will I be able to correct that.


Thanks in advance

Super User
Super User



without a simpliefied pbix that contains some sample data, this is difficult to answer.

From your DAX statement I would say that this line

 && viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[MonthEnDate] = MAX(viewProdWorkOrderBIRCCL[MonthSubmitDate])

prevents the workids created in January to not show up in February.


The problem you are facing is called "Events in Progress" there are some great blogposts about this problem. My favorite one is this blog by Gerhard Brückl
, that also contains links to other blogpost.


Hopefully this gets you started.

If not please consider to prepare a pbix that contains some sample data, upload the pbix to onedrive or dropbox and share the link.



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@TomMartens WorkIds created in January do show up in February. But only in the case where there are no workids created on particular day for february, does not show up.

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