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Military Power BI Question

I am very new to Power BI, and we (the US Army) are looking to use it to manage/track personnel that are being assigned to specific vacancies. I have the data in Excel and Access formats, but I honestly don't know how to use it in Power BI to achieve the desired outcome.   The Outcome is a system that allows us to see all positions from their start and end dates, and alert us when a position is coming to the end, has not been filled, and how many positions remain, etc.   can you please give me any advice? Insight? This is almost building a car and you don't know what a wheel is yet.


Examples of Data are available (I would have to remove personal identifing information first).

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Hi, Share sample data and a draw or diagram of the result that you want to obtain.





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Is there a way to attach a document? That would be the easiest way.  The main idea is to have two database (either both excel or one excel and one access) be able to merge together and combine common data with the inclusion of names, and be able to see what names are associated with with posistion and on particular start and end dates.



you can upload the file in dropbox, drive or something similar and publish the link.





Lima - Peru


Here is a link to the type of Data I am using. I want to be able to combine both sheets and have it created in Power BI where I can track each soldier slotted in each position and see where (if any) vacancies are, as well as start and stop dates of each position.





In order tie together tables we need to have what we call primary key in one table and and foreign key in another table.  I have noticed you have TRAP in both tables and locations in both tables as well  -- TRAP UIC (repeating values) and TRAP NUMBER (unique values).


Do these fields provide unique identification to their records in their respective databases ?

In the data set you presented,  are these TRAP ids unique to thier databases or not???  For example, will DMO 1585A from database 2 also exist in database1 ? 


Databse 1



Database 2 


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