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Measure to calculate total column sum by filtered value / category

Greetings Power Bi experts,

Is there a specific measure or formula that i can use to calculate total booked, tentative and availability per dedicated storefronts and sub storefronts by month? I have an example of a data set below which you can use to compute. Note that i also need this formula to be able to work for long term use in the coming months and years and if there is something that i can do to improve my current data, any suggestions are welcomed. 


FYI the availability table is extracted from Table B whereas Booked and Tentative are both from Table A. So they don't belong in the same sheet


Based on the given figures, I want to know the total sum of tentative, booked and available the staffs (from the column storefront, sub storefront and by country if possible) per month using the column "Month_Year". And in Power Bi Desktop view, I'd expect the values would change based on the selected slicers.


New data is being imported on a weekly basis so we will have new months (October2022, November2022, December2022, etc) and i was thinking if the measure can be applied to future months as well?


Staff NameCountryStorefrontSub StorefrontPositionEngagement NameMonth_YearTentativeBookedAvailability
BobSGAccounting & Internal ControlsInternal AuditSenior ManagerProject AJune202201.66.4
BobSGAccounting & Internal ControlsInternal AuditSenior ManagerProject BJune202201.66.4
JamesMYCyber & Strategic RiskCyberAssistant ManagerProject AJune20221.644
JamesMYCyber & Strategic RiskCyberAssistant ManagerProject BJune20221.644
EricTHRegulatory & Legal SupportFinancial CrimeConsultantProject AJune20221.662
EricTHRegulatory & Legal SupportFinancial CrimeConsultantProject BJune20221.662
BobSGAccounting & Internal ControlsInternal AuditSenior ManagerProject CJuly20221.244
BobSGAccounting & Internal ControlsInternal AuditSenior ManagerProject DJuly20221.244
JamesMYCyber & Strategic RiskCyberAssistant ManagerProject CJuly2022035
JamesMYCyber & Strategic RiskCyberAssistant ManagerProject DJuly2022035
EricTHRegulatory & Legal SupportFinancial CrimeConsultantProject CJuly2022026
EricTHRegulatory & Legal SupportFinancial CrimeConsultantProject DJuly2022026
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@wanwong What are the expected results from that sample data?

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DAX is easy, CALCULATE makes DAX hard...

here's a sample of the expected results:


i'd expect the values to change if i hover on the bar charts (currently is showing the total sum of the whole column)



let me know if this info is sufficient 😄


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