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Helper II
Helper II

Measure to Deal with Negatives in Calculation

Hi, Thanks in advance.

I couldn't find a way of uploading a file to the forum. The link below is a google drive link to a copy of the file.

In a previous post:-

I was kindly supplied with a measure to do the first calculation I need.


Measure =
var _a = ALLSELECTED('Table'[Work Type])
var _b = MAX('Table'[Row])
return SUMX(FILTER(ALL('Table'),[Work Type] in _a&&[Row]<=_b),'Table'[Amount]-'Table'[Available])
Giving the results in the example below
row 1 Measure is Amount - Available  (12 - 2160 = -2148.00)
row 2 Measure is Row 1 Measure (-2148) + Row 2 Amount (85) - Row 2 Available (2160) = -4223
row 3 Measure is Row 2 Measure (-4223) + Row 3 Amount (1660) - Row 3 Available (2106) = -4723

I need an additional column which deals diffrently with negatives in the measure column. Therefore the 'New Measure' column instead of -negative numbers uses a 0 and only uses positive numbers in the calculation. See illustration below.



I hope this makes sense.





That's unfortunately exactly the point. The result cannot be modified by filters.

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Super User
Super User

That selective addition is not something you can do in DAX.  You can use List.Accumulate in Power Query for this but that will result in a column, not a measure.

Thanks @lbendlin . Not sure what list.Accumaulate is, will have a look. I'm not sure it matters if the result is a column so long as it does the calcultion and can be filtered by a slicer.

That's unfortunately exactly the point. The result cannot be modified by filters.

Thanks for letting me know. I'll have to think of another way of doing it.

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