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Helper I

Measure showing biggest competitor



I'm working on a project and as one of the visuals I wanted to make a card that will show the viewers- a market share of biggest competitor. Obviously I have a measure counting market share ready and one of the columns in the main table shows the brands assigned to individual sales. I also have a ranking of every brand market share by country and date which is ready, if that would help somehow.


I thought I could make such a measure (for this card) that would show the 1st place in the ranking, but if my brand f.ex Ferrari is 1st in some country or in some period of time it would show the 2nd biggest player. In my mind it's pretty basic but I just haven't found any solution to this problem or I excluded my brand wrongly and the whole market share was counted without taking the numbers of my brand. If you have an idea on how to solve this problem I will be glad to hear that.


Thank you for your time 🙂

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Super User

@mzienowicz99  a sample data and expected output can accelerate solution to this.

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That's a sneak peak on my main table and I also have ready measures counting market share, as well as rank measure:

rank = if (calculate(sum(R2_INDUSTRY[QUANTITY])) = 0,"",rankx(ALL(R2_INDUSTRY[BRAND]),calculate(sum(R2_INDUSTRY[QUANTITY])),,DESC))
I feel that those could help somehow, so I can do an IF and say that if Ferrari is first then show me the second brand, but I'm not sure how to create it or if it's even possible
The other thing I was thinking about was creating a TOPN measure and excluding showing me my brand, so Ferrari but I also don't have a clue how to write it correctly


Share a small dataset (which can be pasted in MS Excel) and on that dataset, show the expected result under various scenarios.

Ashish Mathur
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Super User

Put a filter on that card visual, select "Top N" and find the top 1 company by your market share value. (including a screenshot of a similar filter from my environment)



Unfortunately, by doing it this way it will show me always the first place and I want the 2nd place to be shown when my brand is 1st. So as I described earlier, the biggest competitor!


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