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Measure: Difference between count of deals closed this month and last month

Hello! I am looking to create a measure that calculates the difference between the count of deals closed this month and count of deals closed last month.


To get the count of deals, I am getting the distinct count of IDs.


I have a completed date field which is the date data type.


Thank you very much!

Super User
Super User


Create a Calendar Table with calculated columns formulas for extracting Year, Month name and Month number.  Sort the Month name column by the Month number column.  Create a relationship from the Date column of the Data Table to the Date column of the Calendar Table.  To your Table/matrix visual, drag Year and Month name from the Calendar Table.  Write these measures

Deals closed = distinctcount(Data[ID])

Deals closed in previous month = calculate([Deals closed],previousmonth(Calendar[Date]))

Diff = [Deals closed]-[Deals closed in previous month]

Hope this helps.

Ashish Mathur
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Super User

@kristenmcnelly Maybe:

Measure =
  VAR __Today = TODAY()
  VAR __TMStart = DATE(YEAR(__Today),MONTH(__Today),1)
  VAR __LMEnd = EOMONTH(__Today,-1)
  VAR __LMStart = DATE(YEAR(__LMEnd),MONTH(__LMEnd),1)
  VAR __TM = COUNTROWS(DISTINCT(SELECTCOLUMNS(FILTER('Table',[Date] <= __Today && [Date] >= __TMStart),"ID",[ID])))
  VAR __LM = COUNTROWS(DISTINCT(SELECTCOLUMNS(FILTER('Table',[Date] <= __LMEnd && [Date] >= __LMStart ),"ID",[ID])))
  __TM - __LM

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