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Matrix hierachy results in different Data in Service and Desktop

Hello all, 
i have a big problem and cant find any solution so maybe someone can help me out. 
I have a Matrix Visual that counts the Amount of articles which are A/B-articles based on an ABC-Analysis.Desktop 1Desktop 1Service 1Service 1

as you can see the data in Desktop (Picture 1) and Service (Picture 2) is exactly the same.
But as soon as i open the next hierarchy which shows the different product groups i get different results:

Desktop:                                Service:
Desktop 2Desktop 2Service 2Service 2
in the Desktop version it shows the right amount while in the Service version it just completely dumps the ABC hierachy and shows the total amount of the product groups. 
I really dont know how to fix that, especially because it works totally fine in desktop. Can someone explain me how this can happen and give me a solution? 

Thank you !

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Hello @Idrissshatila,
Thanks for this suggestion but i have already tried to reset the filters in service, i also tired to delete the report in service completely and upload the report again but nothing worked so far.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello @Jango ,


Try to reset filters in service, maybe its a filter that is saved on service that affecting the data.


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