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Map different municipalities with the same name

Hello, I am trying to make a map of shapes with municipalities and departments. I have a map of departments and one of municipalities, linked to the table with the information I want to show. When I select a municipality, in both maps the department to which it belongs is selected, the problem is that, in the map of municipalities municipalities are also selected municipalities of the same name that are in other departments.

I have already tried concatenating the columns municipality and department in one and relate it to my data but it does not work. All columns are categorized into country, department, and municipality. Could someone please help me?

Attached screenshot of the maps and table:



In advance I very much appreciate your help 🙂

Super User
Super User

How did you geo-classify your columns?  And why did you include mundepais? That is not something the geocoding service can use.


Do you have more details like postal codes or Lat/Lon pairs that you could use to help the geocoding service?

Hello, thank you for your reply. The columns are classified as follows:
Township = County

Department = State or province

Codpais = Country/region

The mundepais column was a test I did to know if being the municipality and department to which it belongs in the same column, I only select the municipalities that belong to that department, but it did not work. That column is classified as City, but I didn't use it anymore because I saw that the test didn't work.

I don't have postcodes or Lat/Long coordinates.

What I am looking for is that, when selecting a department, in the map of municipalities only the municipalities that belong to that department are selected, not those of the same name of other departments , how could I achieve it?

You would do that in your data model where the department table would filter the municipality table.

The departments column does filter municipalities, but it also filters municipalities of the same name from other departments. Is there a way for you to only filter the municipalities of the selected department?

can you provide sample data that illustrates the issue?

An example is the screenshot I put in the first message. Here's another one to illustrate better.

On the map on the right the department is selected, on the map on the left, apart from the municipalities of that department, other municipalities that belong to other departments are selected (other blue dots are seen outside the limits of the department).

What I am looking for is that only the municipalities that are within the selected department are selected.


Thank you

screenshots have limited use for data issue tracking. Please post sample data as tables.

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