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Helper II
Helper II

Manage parent-child relations in PBI visuals

Hello community,


I wonder if it was possible to get Power BI manage parent-child relation.


In my data model, I have amounts that accounted with a Project-activity code. Each project-activity code is a part of a project code.


-Parents codes are the project codes : P1, P2 ...

-Children codes are the project-activity codes

-The activities P1-A and P1-B are a part of the P1 project

-The activities P2-A and P2-B are a part of the P2 project ...

-Each Project-activity amount is accounted with a field : classification test ("Matérials" or "Calculate")



Example of issue :


P1-A =10 (Materials) ; P1-C =20 (Calculate)

P3-A =15 (Calculate) ; P3-B = 20 (Materials)

The addition for the project P1 is 30, P3 it's 35. And for Materials the result is 30, for Calculate it's 35. Ok for that.


But if I want to add 50 directly by the the parent code (P1 for example), the result by project will be right (P1=20+10+50=70). But the result by classification test is wrong. The PBI mesure result is 80 for Materials (20+10+50) and 85 for Calculate (20+15+50).


How to get PBI share (and not double) the add of 50 between the classification test field ?


I know the difficult is because the add has to be done by project code (parent) where as the data model has amounts accounted by children code (project-ctivities code). But when I have to add 50 (by project code) I can't specify the classification test.


Thanks if someone can understand the problem and have and Idea for a fonction or mesures.





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