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Making a table with sums from two other tables



I would like to create a table that shows the total from two other tables for a specific date.  Additionally, I would like the option to drill down to see the components of that total (e.g. is it CP, FI, or a coupon?).  



Here is an example of one table (Table 1)

ACPT $     19,000,0006/28/2022
BCPAMCR $     10,000,0007/1/2022
CFIWMT $     25,500,0007/1/2022
DCPT $       8,000,0007/7/2022


Here is an example of the other table (Table 2).  

EntityCP/FIIssuerCoupon PaymentCoupon DateCoupon?
AFIGS $                10,0006/28/2022Coupon
AFIF $                15,0007/1/2022Coupon
BFIGOOG $                12,0007/8/2022Coupon
BFIMETA $                  5,0007/9/2022Coupon


Here is the desired result not drilled down

6/28/2022 $       19,010,000
7/1/2022 $       10,015,000
7/8/2022 $       25,512,000
7/9/2022 $         8,005,000


here is the desired Result Drilled down

6/28/2022 $               10,000AGSCoupon
6/28/2022 $       19,000,000ATCP
7/1/2022 $               15,000AFCoupon
7/1/2022 $       10,000,000BAMCRCP
7/8/2022 $       25,500,000CWMTFI
7/8/2022 $               12,000BGOOGCoupon
7/9/2022 $                 5,000BMETACoupon
7/9/2022 $         8,000,000DTCP


Is this possible?  Thank you in advance for your help!

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@amitchandak I can't use UNION because the tables have different numbers of columns with different data in them.

@Anonymous , You can use append in power query and delete duplicates

Append :


or you can use selectcolumns or summarize to get the columns you need

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Can you be more specific as to how that's done with selectcolumns or summarize?  I cannot use append as Table 2 is already a generated table

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous , You need to create common date , entity , issuer , CP/FI, type etc


example common entity 

entity = distinct(Union(distinct(Table1[entity]),distinct(Table2[entity]) ) )


Date tbale you can create like

Addcolumns(calendar(date(2020,01,01), date(2021,12,31) ), "Month no" , month([date])
, "Year", year([date])
, "Month Year", format([date],"mmm-yyyy")
, "Month year sort", year([date])*100 + month([date])
, "Month",FORMAT([Date],"mmmm")
, "Month sort", month([DAte])



Join with both tables and use these table for slicer and in visual as common group bys

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