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Looking for a way to trace transactions from a single table/journal

I have a table with 4-5M records. My task is to identify all of the transactions from the orgin. 

Get all the "To" from A
The get all fo the "To" from the result
Next level, next level, etc.. until I have all of the data


1-Jan1AC $  700.00
2-Jan2AB $  200.00
2-Jan3BC $  900.00
5-Jan4CD $  600.00
6-Jan5AD $  500.00
7-Jan6BC $  400.00
7-Jan7CA $  300.00
10-Jan8DC $  800.00
11-Jan9BA $  100.00
11-Jan10EC $  400.00


The result for person A might be


A sent to C, B, D
C sent to D, A

B sent to C
D sent to C


I attempted this a number of times using Power Query in different ways and I am stumped. Its not a static data set. I went the route of merging and could do a couple of levels before getting jammed up. Wondering if someone has done something like this before and could point me in the right direction.




Super User
Super User


Your expected result is just not clear.  In the expected result section, you say the "result for person A" - why then have you shown B to C and D to C?????.  In this question what is the use of the Date, ID and USD columns?  Do you want to see he result in a Table visual?

Ashish Mathur

Thanks for replying. I am trying to trace from an origin person through the data set to fina all down stream records even if the orginal person is not part of the transactions.


For a i need to finad all related transactions which orginated for the frist. Hope this helps.

Solution Specialist
Solution Specialist

You can use PATH function in DAX or use a network visual





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