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Helper II
Helper II

Looking at previous months reports

Hi All.


I have a report with 18 different tabs, all with various metrics and measures looking at specific dates, rolling 12 months etc. Alot of these have to have pre set filters as the most recent month. I have a date table that links to most of my 20+ tables. 

It's a bit of a beast, and i dont want to break anything currently there or have to rebuild large chunks.


What i am looking to achieve is have on the first tab a "Report Month" selector, so our audience  can click back to see how it was in June for example.  Each time they change this filter to an old month though, i would need all the pre set filters and measure that are set to look at the last month etc to change? Each month i add the latest date to our date table.



I hope that makes sence. 

Any thoughts appreciated, i am at a loss! Thanks.

P.s, I am relatively new to power BI and DAX.

Helper II
Helper II

Hi All, i am afraid i am still stuck with this.

It may be what i am trying to do is not possible with my current set up. However any advise appreciated.

Super User
Super User

@PlentyL , You can have column like this in your date table and save that on last month


Month Type = Switch( True(),
eomonth([Date],0) = eomonth(Today(),-1*month(Today())),"Last year Last Month" ,
eomonth([Date],0) = eomonth(Today(),-1),"Last Month" ,
eomonth([Date],0)= eomonth(Today(),0),"This Month" ,


Default Date Today/ This Month / This Year:

Thank you. 

Unfortunately this hasnt achieved what i need. Each one of my 18 tabs have various visuals that display 12 months rolling data.




When i have applied this to my date table and selected September, its appeared as below. 



I need it to show as September latest month with the previous 12 months for example. So it's as the report would have been last month. 

Most of my tables are linked to the date table, or in some senarios uses a "reporting date" date formatted collumn in my data tables.




Some measures are also set to look at a certain period within my date table.




Any ideas?

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