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Line graph - Line continues for months with no data

Have an issue with a line chart showing multiple lines each representing a year.  2016 line continues even though there is no data for november and december.  How can i get rid of this?Capture.PNG

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

Hey @madden318,


Easy fix, go to the paint roll "Format" tab and under the "X-Axis" dropdown, change the type to "Categorical" instead of "Continuous". This should stop the graph at the last point.


Hope this helps,



Thanks Alan but it is already on the categorical setting.  Has this ever fixed it for you?

That works for me. It looks like PBI is defaulting your data for 2016 in the last 2 months to zero. Does it do the same thing for other types of graphs or is it just the line graph?

Yes it is definitley adding 0 values into may data where there is none.  Tried switching it to a line and stacked volume chart and it did the same thing.

Hi @madden318,


You should be able to use BLANK Function (DAX) to skip the value 0 in this scenario. For example, if you are showing "Total Sales" on the Line Chart.

Total Sales = SUM ( Sales[Revenue] )

Then you should be able to show the following measure instead on the Line Chart to skip the value 0.

Measure = IF ( [Total Sales] = 0, BLANK (), [Total Sales] )



I am typing this on an iPad and have not tested this so this is just a guess...


However I suspect your Calendar table runs till the end of the current year if not beyond...


so try adding a FILTER statement in the Measure you are charting to only calculate till today


something like this...


Measure = CALCULATE ( SUM (...), FILTER ( ALLSELECTED ( 'Calendar' ), 'Calendar'[Date] <= TODAY () )


Again I have not tested this - just a suggestion.

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