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KPI to show total when nothing selected in slicer



I'm very new to Power BI and already I'm a big fan, I've tried to find an answer to my question that is probably very basic but have had no luck. 


I work in healthcare and I've included the KPI visualization in my report where I'm displaying how much over or under budget each unit is. When I use the slicer it will correctly show how much over or under budget the corresponding unit is. However, when I'm looking at all the units at once I'd like the KPI to show the overall number of how much under/over budget we were as a whole but it now always displays the outcome for the same unit - which I don't want specifically highlighted like that. So if I can't have it show the overall savings can I at least make it not highlight one unit over the others?


Thank you for reading my question 😄 

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thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately because of the nature of my workplace I don't have permission to share the data. I will attempt to explain how my data is built and how I used it (to complecate it even more my data is in Icelandic). I did it like this:



Deild= units (the names of the units)

Measure is a variable I created as the goal where all the cells contain the value 0 (we want each unit to be on budget and now red is a high number (over budget) and green is a low number ( negative numbers are under budget)


Sum of umfram kostnaður= a variable where I subtracted the actual spending from the budgeted amount.


I hope that this makes some sense, but I understand that I might be going completely the wrong way about using this visual as I'm very new to Power Bi and am just figuring it out as I go. 




I would need to see the actual DAX of the measure and a sample of your raw data. I understand you can't share real data, but if you can create an example with mock data, that would help. 


This is how I had set it up but with mock numbers. As you can see when I don't select anything in the slicer it shows the overspending of unit e. The DAX of my measure is super basic (maybe thats my problem?) 

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Please share your measure and an example of your data.

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