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Helper II
Helper II

KPI goal measure showing blank

I have a measure setup to sum with a filter whch gets me a sum of the rejects for last week.

Reject LW = CALCULATE(SUM('Table'[Quantity]),FILTER('Table','Table'[Last Week]=TRUE))
This shows 4 in a card visual which is correct. However when I put this as a goal in a KPI is shows (Blank). Anybody know what I am doing wrong here?
Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @StephenGW ;

It's really hard to understand the problem corresponding to your data , can you provide more samples?

The most important parts are:
1. Sample data as text, use the table tool in the editing bar
2. Expected output from sample data
3. Explanation in words of how to get from 1. to 2.
4. Relation between your tables.

Best Regards,
Community Support Team_ Yalan Wu
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Ok, I will try to explain better. I have changed paths and would like to show a KPI with current MTD vs last MTD. I have a column of dates and a column of quantities. I want to sum the quantities MTD and last MTD and compare them in a KPI. I used this to get the current MTD 

MTD Rejects = CALCULATE(SUM('Reject Database'[Quantity]),DATESMTD('Reject Database'[DateRejected])) and put that in as the indicator in the KPI card. I then used the date column as the Trend Axis and finally put this in as the previous MTD 
Last MTD Rejects = CALCULATE(SUM('Reject Database'[Quantity]),DATESMTD(DATEADD('Reject Database'[DateRejected],-1,MONTH))) and put that as the goal. The current MTD is correct at 386 parts I can't tell with the trend line but it looks correct, then the goal just says (Blank) and (+Infinity%). If I put both those measures in seperate data cards they give the correct result of 386 and 20 but when put together in the KPI card it doesn't work correctly.
Helper II
Helper II

Also odd, when I put the Date column in the Trend Axis as the Date it only shows 13 of the 14 with the colored graph background but if I change it to the hierarchy (year) it shows all 14 with no colored graph background. Hierarchy (day) shows the colro and 13 again. Seems to be a problem with the date but the dates are 2/7/2022 and 2/8/2022 Any ideas on either of these things would be helpful.



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