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Helper IV
Helper IV

Issue with Chiclet Slicer


We are using Chiclet Slicer for our dashboards. Since Monday all of Sudden all Chiclet Slicer are blank (No Data shown even though there is Data). Old version of Chiclet Slicer Works as shown in below but Latest version is appearing blank . Both Slciers use Same field. Can anyone help us regarding this.



Community Champion
Community Champion

Make sure you are running the latest PBI


@Sean We are using Jan version. It is difficult to update eveytime a latest version is out  so we normally update evey 3 months.

Do you know what caused this issue

I know the SQLBI guys were waiting at the end of last year (2016) for the release of the new API

before they released the new versions of their Visuals

If I recall the last version of the Chiclet Slicer was in Nov 2016 so prior to this release

New API.png


I use the Chiclet slicer a lot but have not experienced any issues - then again I update to get the new features

I think 3 months is way too long though...

Because we are still on monthly updates since this is still a relatively new product you miss a lot of new functionality this way

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

HI @vickyprudhvi,


this was reported yesterday by someone else and they resolved their issue by installing the March release. 


not sure if it's possible for you to try on a single machine to test. 



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