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Helper III
Helper III

Issue showing the correct % proficient of a filtered group

Hi there


Ok working with filtered charts and am hoping some kind soul can help me work out how to show this correctly.  I have listed a current example I am struggling with:



  • To show the correct % proficient of a filtered group independent of showing the other performance bands.
  • Eg if 10 students are proficient out of 100, I want to see a 10% bar or line on the chart. I don’t want to see the % of mid or low students, but they need to be included in the denominator



  • I can’t figure out how to do this with filters in the charts alone.
  • Every time I try to filter down to just the “High” band, it doesn’t show the true % of the whole. As in, it’s no longer looking at Mid and Low students.
    • If I try to “show as % of grade total” it shows the count as a % of the visible sub categories (ie if HRM 2A has 10 proficient students and HRM 2B has 30, the chart would display 25% for 2A and 75% for 2B because it’s using 70 as the denominator instead of calculating the % per sub-category. It should be % of all students in 2A that scored proficient.)

 For example,

I would like to see just the % of High (green) over time for 5th grade. In the stacked 100% chart the %s are showing properly as 25%, 24% and 8% for R1-R3.



When I try to change the chart to a bar chart and filter out the Low and Mid categories from the Overall Band, the COUNTS are correct, but when I try to make it into a % visually, it doesn’t work.:

 hrm 2.jpg


When I change it to “show as % of grand total” it uses the full count (15+14+5) as the denominatorhrm 3.jpg


Any help or advice on how to fix this would be amazing!!!


Hi @Ayupchap

Does this acieve your reqiurement?


Just edit interaction between the two visuals above.


Best Regards


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Community Support
Community Support


I recommend you to create measures to reflect the correct % proficient based on selecting in a slicer more than fixing the second issue since it occurs for the feature of Power BI Desktop itself.

For example, a measure shows % proficient of R1 including low, high, mid level, then add the column about "low, high, mid" to a slicer.

Best Regards


Hi Maggie and thanks so much for your insight


The issue I am having with the filters is that soon as I click them it takes out all the other data so the %'s show only in relation to what is left.  The first graph I show was just to illustrate the correct %s but any seperated graph showing the %s for each is totally fine also.


Ideally what I would like is the ability to just show the green columns you see and hide the others without changing any of the data so hide rather than filter, this would allow the data to remain the same.  Is that at all possible?

Hi @Ayupchap

Does this acieve your reqiurement?


Just edit interaction between the two visuals above.


Best Regards





Thanks so much!

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