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Helper II
Helper II

Is there any list of visualization features that are available in PBI desktop but not online?



I am trying to decide between PBI desktop and Online to implement my report.


Is there any list of Data Modeling, Visualization and Reporting features that are available in PBI Desktop, but not available in PBI online - and vice versa?


In general, can I assume that PBI desktop provides stronger reporing capabilities where PBI online is better for collaboration?


Thank you,

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Hi @AllanXu. PBI Desktop is primarily for modeling data and authoring reports. You cannot model data in PBI online.


PBI online is primarily for distributing reports or for collaborating with others.


You can find more info on the differences between the two products here:


Hope that helps! 🙂

Hi @Anonymous,


As we know we can create reports in PBI online as well as PBI Desktop.


Assuming that you have the data model already with data in it, both online and desktop versions of the PBI report designer provide similar features, but they are not identical. 


Is there any comparision table that contrasts the two report designer?


I am making a case that it is easier to create reports in the  PBI desktop than online. 


Thank you,

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I am not aware of any feature-by-feature comparison of visualization elements. This would be hard to maintain, as the list of features changes so rapidly.


New visualization features generally come to PBI desktop first, so that could be a reason to work with PBI desktop when creating reports.

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