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Is there a way to automatically exclude a column from a PDF when it is added to linked folder?

I have a linked folder to my project with PDFs in it. When I add a new PDF to the folder, and hit refresh, it addsthe new PDF data to my data. Is there a way to get Power BI to make a check on the newly added PDFs that strip out columns labeled "Total"?


That way "Total" columns are never included in my data? 

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Super User

@mpompilio , Based on what I got. In such case we select the columns we need and use the remove other columns step, which will not add new columns






Thank you for your reply. So my question is more involved with removing the columns before they are even placed in Power BI/Query:


So I have a connected folder that has PDFs in it. More PDFs will be added to it every week. I was wondering if there was a way when a new PDF is added to the folder, before any new data is placed in Power BI/Query, it checks to see if there are any columns in the PDF labled "Total" and then it removes that column, and places the rest of the data into BI/Query.


Let me know if that makes sense!

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