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Is Paginated reports the right tool for this task?


first of all I'm sorry if this is not the place where I should ask this question, but I was not able to find any dedicated forum for Paginated reports issues.


I wanted to ask if Paginated reports is the tool suited for what I need to achieve. Here is a short description:
I want to build a "deck" of reports. One PDF (or potentially PPTX) file which contains multiple different reports, some of which are "looped" while one of input parameters is being changed. I know this is achievable in Power BI Paginated reports using many workarounds, etc. but it seems very unintuitive, complicated, undocumented and I was not able to find a single person/tutorial online dealing with similar topic so I have no idea what are some "best practices" for similar tasks. All tutorials deal with creating a single report. Maybe nesting one report inside of another, using subreports. But nobody is building PDFs with 20+ pages consisting of 6-7 different reports. 

I'm grateful in advance for any helpful comments.

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Super User

In my opinion, using PowerBI Report Builder for the prepration of Paginated Report for PowerBI seems suitable for your task, given your words.


You should use parameters as you have suggested in your paginated report.


johnyip_0-1689058631361.pngYou can insert your paginated report into your PowerBI report after uploading it on a workspace.



Alternatively, if your deck of reports doesn't include visualizations like table/matrix which require user to scroll (or pgianted in order to show all of the contents), you may actually just build the report solely using PowerBI right away, and then export it online via PowerBI service as PDF.

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I'm not sure if you understand what I mean. My question has NOTHING to do with Power BI Desktop. As far as I know, in power BI Desktop you can't create paginated reports. (I know there is a visual where you can import Paginated report into PBI Desktop report, but I think that is really not useful for me)

What I need is one single PDF file, with 20+ pages, with page numbers, headers and footers, some reports looped while passing some different parameter as an input, etc. Imagine deck of reports, PDF which you receive and on every page you have one table/chart. And all this needs to be created with ONE click.

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