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Advocate I
Advocate I

Interface turned to green


All active buttons and elements on the interface just've changed their color from yellow to green. How to change it back? There is no option to choose the color theme of the interface, it is really disturbing and affects productivity as there is a mane years' habbit to look at yellow active elements, not green

Super User
Super User

Just installed the November 2022 version and am seeing the same thing. Looks like it is not changable:


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New Member

Please make this as an Option, This is soo enforced and its not coming from the difficulty to accept the changes. Users should be able to switch atleast as each color has its own acceptance advantages.


New Member

Here in the UK the change does not meet accessibility requirements.  The Yellow Background with Black Text is the default or should be.  Microsoft needs to think about the 'needs' of different countries.  The 'one approach fits all' is not workable and as somebody has already pointed out, there should be an option as there is for other areas of Microsoft, such as themes!

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I like it.

New Member

I dont like this change, i mean, probably they are trying to see acceptance, well, we dont like it.


Advocate I
Advocate I

First they remove dark theme, now turn everything to green. Might as well just own up to it and call it Excel BI.

Advocate I
Advocate I

More than happy to have PowerBI be more inclusive, but this green theme should be an OPTION, not something forced on those who don't want it

Super User
Super User

Just installed the November 2022 version and am seeing the same thing. Looks like it is not changable:




This change was made to ensure our product is more accessible for users with disabilities. The new color improves contrast and increases visibility of the user interface in Power BI, making the experience easier to use and more inclusive.


Increase visibility? Improve contrast? It's worse than it was. Black on yellow was much clearer than white on darkgreen. Besides the green color blends a lot with the grey and black accents the application has. No idea why this would be seen as an improvement.

Horrible choice, it should at least be optional to change to whatever color we prefer.. very anoying 🤢

Thanks! So weird, why not make this an option

Yes, it's very inconvenient.

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